Light Shard by H. O. Charles
Light Shard

Light Shard

25.11.2022 New Release!

Nick Allemand has almost everything present and correct: a job in archaeology that he loves, acceptable-to-moderate looks, more money than he could ever hope to spend, a bijou house in Grantaford, and friends he can count upon for just about anything. But all that changes when his colleague and fellow archaeologist Ava Galaniou goes missing. Almost immediately, he is under suspicion for her disappearance, and on the run with few of the tools and little of the experience he needs. His search leads him to the tomb of all tombs - the long-lost Tomb of Alexander the Great - source of incredible power across the centuries, and a pyramid scheme with apparently little connection to Egypt. Will Nick adapt in time to survive the tests set by this long-dead ruler? And will he find Ava? It'll take a great deal of shattered light to find out...

For fans of Indiana Jones, Mieville's The City & The City, Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Tomb Raider and many other Contemporary Fantasy action and adventure stories with mystery, crime and a dash of history.

Book One of The Nick Allemand Series.

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